Net zero industry is possible,
but it means that by the end of this decade
all new & retrofit facilities globally must be clean

The industrial sector is a significant contributor to global GHG emissions, accounting for approximately 30% of total emissions. As such, achieving net zero emissions from industry is a crucial component in the effort to mitigate climate change and limit global warming. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industrial processes is accomplished by reducing emissions through increased efficiency, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and/or implementing carbon capture and storage technologies. 

Many countries, companies, and organizations have set targets to achieve net zero emissions from industry by 2050 or earlier, and are investing in new technologies and infrastructure to make this goal a reality. Key strategies include electrification of industrial processes, development of low-carbon materials, and circular economy approaches that prioritize reuse and recycling of materials. The transition to a net zero industry will require significant collaboration between governments, industry leaders, and the public, as well as sustained investment in research and development.

Last publications and events

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Net-zero Steel One Page Summary

The why and how of net-zero steel.
A summary of what we found, and how.

Dr. Chris Bataille, Seton Stiebert P.Eng, and Dr. Francis Li CEng

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Net-zero Steel Policy Summary

How do we achieve net-zero steel?
A short summary of policy needs and options.

Dr. Chris Bataille, Seton Stiebert P.Eng, and Dr. Francis Li CEng

Net-zero Steel Technical Report

Facility level net-zero steel pathways: Technical report on the first scenarios of the Net-zero Steel Project.

Dr. Chris Bataille, Seton Stiebert P.Eng, and Dr. Francis Li CEng

An overview of the Net-zero Industry, presented by Dr. Chris Bataille at RFF Live—”Net Zero by 2070: Decarbonizing Global Industry”

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We stand on the shoulders of giants. This project is an arm’s length project of Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales (, and it was made possible by an initial database of global steel facilities established by the Global Energy Monitor

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